How My Hubby Fucks Me for 2 Hours Using His ROCK HARD Dick WITHOUT Cumming!

Give her the mind-blowing sex she's been missing out on this year!

by Kate Lambkins


Hi guys! You might remember my post where I whined about my husband Tony failing to perform? He wouldn’t get started at all, even with a blow job or a hand job, or he would cum in just 1—3 minutes or so.

At first I was like: OK, where do all those adult film dudes get their stamina — we tried everything you can think of, from Viagra and other boner pills to yoga or that tantric thing. Bullshit — his dick remained limp, sex didn’t last more than a couple of minutes.

In about 6 months I gave up. I decided that’s his genes and his physical condition, and there’s nothing I can do about it. After all, I can’t say I wanted him as before, knowing all will end up in nothing, I won’t be satisfied, he’ll be upset. I felt my husband was totally losing confidence.

Help came when I expected it no more ...

I came across an interview with Hugh Hefner (owner of Playboy magazine), where he said any man can perform for up to 2 hours. That’s something I’m interested in, I thought. According to Hugh, additional testosterone serves to boost your internal system, giving you the extra supply of energy and power when you need to last longer. Free testosterone doesn't just increase lean muscle mass, it also heightens your sexual appetite and alters your body's chemistry to skyrocket virility, which increases your stamina to keep your partner satisfied during hours of amazing sex.

Hugh recommended original Get Male Power Male Enhancement pills with TRTT technology he’s using, so I found their website on the net and decided to make an order. Get Male Power provides a safe and holistic supplement that simply enhances your own natural processes. With regular intake of Get Male Power, it will bring back your youth, increase sex drive, and provide longer erections! I was really surprised that they offered a risk-free trial option for the first pack so I got one without hesitating.

What is the result?

The pills arrived soon, and I couldn’t wait for us to go to bed — before he fell asleep, I gave him a pill saying that it is just a vitamin. I’m uncomfortable telling you the amazing experience but… since we’ll never meet offline I will tell you the details: In less than an hour my husband woke up with a rock hard super stiff erection, and will you believe me when I say we banged for 1 hour and 47 minutes! Cosmic pleasure, lots of sweat and screaming — a perfect ride, the best I’ve ever had. I did expect some improvement, but this was a man I never knew before.

The website says these pills should also boost my better half’s libido size, and that’s what we’re going to check in a couple of weeks. Well, I still find it hard to believe that this stuff turned him into a wild animal in bed — and all for a price of one movie ticket and without any stupid prescription. I find the effect worth every penny (I already ordered three more packs) — life is short, and I’m not the kind of girl that scrimps on pleasures.

Update 2 :- Three months later

Tony has been consuming these pills once/day and we have had the sexual joyride of a lifetime so far. There are days when we have gone over three hours humping like animals on the bed. As a bonus note, Tony looks way more ripped and he even sports a four pack abs right now. While I was reasonably confident of Get Male Power working sexual wonders, I was pleasantly surprised to see muscle growth on my man because of these pills.

Update 2 :- Seven months later

Okay, so Tony has stopped consuming these pills for about a month now. He consumed the entire course of six months and his erections last consistently for over 3 hours. He is also way more hornier and is always bustling with libido all the while. You gotta check his chiselled chest to appreciate the testosterone boosting benefits of Get Male Power. We called the helpful staff of Get Male Power to find out if Tony needed more pills. Unlike other greedy companies which try to sell you more, Get Male Power reps assured us that the entire course of six months provides life time results and there is absolutely no need to buy more. I cant thank you guys enough for our sexual bliss.

So I can definitely recommend these amazing Get Male Power Male Enhancement pills for anyone who wants to improve their sexual experience. Don’t hesitate to use that trial offer for Get Male Power.

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I've been with my guy for 5 years now and honestly I just don't have pleasure in bed because his cock is just so tiny. One day I couldn't take it any longer and started having an affair with a huge cocked man! I got so addicted to his 9 inch penis that I was eagerly fucked 3 times whenever we met. Not long ago, he told me that his secret to both his stamina and his long lasting rock hard cock were these Get Male Power capsules. I would just like to thank Get Male Power for finally showing me what real pleasure feels like!
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Alex Morgan

I really didn’t expect such a cool post from you ;) Actually I have been using these pills for about a year already and couldn’t be any happier. Sex lasts much longer, hard on is rock solid and all babes just can't get their hands off me!
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Ed M

Thanks a lot Kate! Yesterday I got my package and I already managed to test it! Sex lasted for 1 hour and my dick is always ready for more – that’s much more than I expected and it feels great!
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John Mcgain

My brother lives in Europe and he told me that these pills are REALLY popular there… I don’t know I still haven’t tried them yet…
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Hellen J

Hi Kate, this is really impressive! I am going to use that risk free trial option and get a pack for my husband.
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I have been using this stuff for two weeks and I can definitely say that could never expect such a strong effect. This is simply AMAZING!
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Jolly Brooks

Hi there Katherine, I have ordered a pack of these pills for my hubby and I really can`t wait for delivery. I am so up for trying them!
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Your husband is a really cool guy to post stuff such as this and trying new things I also want to be like him
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I know a lot of people who are using these herbal pills and they like it much better.
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Loren Scott

Hi, thanks for the post, I got a pack for my hubby. This stuff is like a miracle... his erection is bigger and stronger than ever before.
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Igor Strong

I bought these pills about a week ago and now I am really addicted to them haha! They didn’t have free trial promo yet, but anyway I don’t regret buying them for sure
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Alfred The Best

I purchased a pack and I can assure everyone that they work as a charm. Before I had some problems in bed – my erection was unstable and orgasms were really weak. Now everything got better. Thanks Kate!
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I also know about these pills, I bought them abroad though. They are great.
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Jack Sparrow

My wife is so happy now! She asks what happened to me and why I can last in bed for so much longer and why my cock is always hard as rock! Another one happy customer here. I ordered the risk-free trial and got them really fast and without any hassle.
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Jack B

I ordered free trial and got them really fast and without any hassle.
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Denny T.

I hope that everyone can get same result as me after using these pills. I can fuck for an hour easily! I am simply shocked how well they do. Thanks for the post!!!
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Heh I also know about these pills… My husband has been using them for a while and he bangs me several times a day now… I am really getting tired of it ;)
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These pills are really great and what is the most important they work almost instantly for me! I used all the trial pack and now paid for another one already.
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German Cr.

I decided to try these pills just because of curiosity and because they offered a risk-free trial, so nothing to lose. I didn’t believe that some pills besides Viagra or Cialis can improve erection or even prolong sex. After I got my pack I went straight to my GF. You may not believe me that we had sex for two hours non-stop!
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This stuff is not new at all. Everyone who wants to have stable erection and last longer in bed should use it.
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May be I should buy it for my husband as well. I heard about these pills but after seeing all these positive comments I want to see it for myself ;)
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