Now I can brag about the size of my penis!

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Only a few months ago, that was not something I could have ever said. Not long ago, I was looking for a method to get rid of my fixations and preconceptions. Now I feel all right talking about sex-related issues, including the size of my penis. I used to find myself excuses, saying that size doesn't matter, but, in time, I realized that it wasn't true. When I was in bed with a woman, everything was fine until I stuck my cock into her. None of them showed any sign of emotion, because they couldn't feel anything. As a consequence, I lost my sexual appetite, so I couldn't come.

I started to believe that porn movies, where you see a guy with a huge cock satisfying several women, are nothing but fairytales. But, as it turned out, it is actually possible.

Looking for a solution to this problem, I subscribed to an online forum; one of the forum users said that he managed to enlarge his penis by 10 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter, in 2 weeks, using some special capsules. Thereafter, he became a model for underwear. Indeed, in the pictures his underwear looks as if it were ready to explode, due to the size of his penis. See for yourself:

I have never used this kind of methods, so I asked him what kind of capsules they were and where he had bought them from. First, he didn't want to share this kind of information with me but, after talking for a while, he sent me the link with the website selling the capsules (the original product, not fakes). He also gave me some advice about how to take them, for best results.

I started taking Get Male Power as soon as I received it. I enjoyed taking it. The effect is even better if you have an orgasm when you take the capsules. I could feel my penis growing bigger already when I first tried them. Every day, it grew by 1 cm. In 2 weeks, my penis was 28 cm long. To see it's true, take a look of these pictures:



I often go to the beach in summer, and I started drawing everyone's attention. I've become more confident and relaxed.

I met 4 new girls in one week, and all of them invited me to spend the night with them, from the very first date. When I hear them moaning with pleasure, and when I see how much they like it, my orgasm is also more powerful.

Every one of them said that my penis was the biggest they have ever seen. They love looking at it, touching it with their hands and lips. But, most of all, they love having sex with me.

They offered a trial promotion for the first pack, so don't hesitate to use that trial offer for Get Male Power.

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I live in Denmark now and these pills are very popular here. I'm surprised that you've found out about them so late.


Excellent result. I would have never believed it, if I hadn't seen the pictures myself. I have already ordered it, thank you for the link.


Wonderful capsules, I ordered them on the same website. I also want to share my result. And this is after only 15 days of use.


My wife gave me these capsules and she even makes sure that I take them:) I'm posting my picture, after one day of taking the capsules.


I also decided to surprise my girlfriend. She had doubts about these capsules, but now she wouldn't let me get out of bed, she even comes to my office during the lunch break, for a quick one.


I was afraid that my husband might get mad if I suggested that he should take these capsules, but he actually liked the idea. He likes taking them, because he immediately feels the effect, his cock getting hard right away. Moreover, the product constituents do not cause any allergies.
You can read my full review about Get Male Power here. To cut the long story short, my husband's penis grew by 13 cm in 10 days. I recommend all of my friends to buy Get Male Power.


Indeed, after taking Get Male Power, I brag. The "before" picture was too embarrassing to be published, but here is the picture taken after 10 days of use.


Guys, thanks for the advice. I would have never believed it, if I saw it in a commercial. It's great that you don't have to do anything, you just fuck as usual, while your cock is growing bigger.


And for how long should I take the capsules? I have already taken them for 17 days. This is the result so far. Can it grow even bigger?


Why would you want it to be bigger? You would reach the Fallopian tubes with a cock like that.


I should have ordered the product before my girlfriend left me. I would screw her so hard, that she would never imagine better sex with somebody else.


Finally, a small penis is no longer a curse.


The capsules are fantastic, the results are quick and, most important of all, the effect does not go away.